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Brendan Lillis dies in Maghaberry prison: Amnesty International

Some months ago, Nadezhda Banchik, member of Amnesty International USA, called for the release of Commander Arbi Zarmaev, a political prisoner who was very sick and was isolated, tortured and treated with neuroleptics in Bruges prison (Belgium). Can she do the … Lees verder

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Libyan civilians are bombed with uranium-bombs: Amnesty International

Picture of a dead Libyan civilian… Yesterday, someone of Amnesty International was talking on TV about the violation of human rights in Syria. But Amnesty International says nothing about the destruction of Libya with an UN-mandate whereby Libyan civilians are … Lees verder

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NATO-rebels: ship captured

A ship carried weapons to the NATO-rebels was captured by the Libyan army

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NATO bombs Libya with depleted uranium and an UN-mandate

The UN is specialized in the removal of depleted uranium in Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza and Libanon. Why then NATO has an UN-mandate to bomb Libya with bombs of depleted uranium ? Did the UN signed a deal with NATO … Lees verder

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