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The killing of Muammar Gaddafi: NATO uses UN-mandate

  It is clear that the International Criminal Court is an instrument in the hands of the so called ‘coalition forces’.   The goal is to murder Gaddafi and to cover up the own war crimes (destruction of Libya, killing … Lees verder

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Manifestation in Tripoli: CNN-News censured

Middle East News – latest news – ’17.6.2011 – Manifestation in Tripoli: CNN reports on a normal way’ ‘An error has occurred. This was almost certainly a temporary problem, so you should be able to start back at this blog … Lees verder

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Delegation from Serbia in Jamahiriya TV

The Jamahiriya TV is the national broadcaster of the North African state of Libya. Jamahiriya TV currently broadcasts in Arabic and English… —– Members of the European Broadcasting Union Full members European members: ARD · ARMR · ARMTV · … Lees verder

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News in Ireland

IRELAND’S RAPE Video – The Irish Media including state broadcaster RTE and Neo-media in Ireland like Indymedia Ireland and the Pensive Quill are accused of not reporting critical news in Ireland. Analyst Max Keiser Friends of Brendan Lillis

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Amerikanen willen Internet aan banden leggen

De Amerikaanse regering wil het Internet door middel van bedreigingen aan banden leggen.  Binnenkort worden alleen de massale stroom berichten van Fox News en de Facebook berichten over ‘revoluties’ in China, Noord-Korea, Syrië, Libië en Iran nog toegestaan.  Die maken … Lees verder

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